That is why we are at your disposal to be an excellent and reliable member of your team for the duration of the translation, which will help you to achieve the desired result.

How it works?

Email it

Please email us or after prior telephone consultation, please send us the material you wish to translate, and we will quote you the price and the deadline for translation. After the written mandate, we will produce the translation within the agreed deadline, which will be sent to you by email or post, as you wish.

The invoice will be sent by post
after the translation is completed

The invoice will be mailed after completion of the translation, which must be settled by bank transfer within the payment deadline.

Essential to know!

The price depends on the difficulty, the length of the text and the translation deadline.

Translation services

Üzleti levelezés

Business correspondence

Magán levelezés

Private correspondence

Önéletrajz, bemutatkozó levél

Curriculum vitae,
introduction letter

Dolgozat fordítás





Press Releases



Könyv fordítás

Book translation

Fordítás hang alapján

Audio translation

Filmek fordítása (felíratozáshoz)

Translating Movies
(for subtitling)



Reklám fordítás

Advertising translation